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I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On BUSINES. How About You?

Time, efficiency and results constraints… Several questions arise when approaching the creation of a CV when we are in an active job search. fortunately, there are nowadays numerous of websites that can help you out with your CV, so all these constraints are lifted, and here is how:

Using a website template: what are the advantages ?

The strength of using a resume builder is to offer a template CV to be customized and configured according to your tastes and desires. You have a multitude of models to choose from. ️

And, if you feel the soul of a web creative, you can perfectly use the blank templates those websites offer in order to start from a blank (or black) page and build your site from A to Z. You can browse through the different modules to choose the ones that will help you the most in your job search. After that, you can download modules to make your CV or portfolio available in PDF.

Moreover, you can get a CV made in a few moments and allows you to gain professionalism and credibility for your future interviews.

What else ? Some of the resume creators you can find online are free and of course you can get a premium version if you want more options.

The idea of creating an online resume is to be able to send it easily to recruiters and maximize its visibility. If you do well, your future boss will enjoy discovering your universe. It is much easier to highlight your experiences, your training or to present your projects.

In a word, an online resume builder is good for an optimized, functional and aesthetic CV.

Features to add to your online resume

As you can see, the advantage of using an online resume builder is that it helps you get creative and practical features, unlike the paper resume. That’s why you need to think about the features you want to add to your resume to give it a little something extra while still being beneficial to recruiters:

The Button module

In an online resume builder, you can easily insert links to the websites of companies you have previously worked for. That means, you can insert clickable links and allow recruiters to easily navigate through your career path.

The Form module

It is also possible to integrate a contact form, so that recruiters can reach you in one click. This form is perfectly customizable and adaptable to your needs and desires depending on the website you use. You will be able to change its structure, its fields, its title and its colors.

The Video module

In particular, the Video module allows you to embed a video on your website and while this may seem like a design thing, video can also be a great feature for creating your online resume as a video.

Creating your resume in video form, is it really a good idea? Today recruiters value creativity and dynamism. Yes, this is an excellent idea. But be careful: it should be used as a complement to a written application, not to replace it.

The Social Networks module

Being present on professional social networks when you’re looking for a job is essential. But having your resume online is even better. The two are perfectly complementary.

Thus, you benefit from the great networking capabilities offered by your LinkedIn or Viadeo profiles; and you also create, on your personal website, a place of your own, where you have full freedom to make your own design, and much more important possibilities (images, videos, documents…), to showcase yourself, and work on your personal branding.

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